Attorney N. Jude Menes, FCIArb

Attorney N. Jude Menes serves as the Global Coordinator/Trainer for Africa Polygraph Network.

Although born in Nigeria, Attorney Menes has lived in the United States for most of his adult life. A graduate of Economics (B.Sc. Economics), he subsequently obtained his law degree from Western Michigan University, Thomas Cooley Law School and has practiced law in Texas for 20 years. He began his law career at the prestigious Dallas law firm of Thompson & Knight, and later served as Assistant City Attorney for City of Dallas, before going into successful private law practice.

Several years ago, Attorney Menes led an effort by foreign investors to invest in Africa by undertaking real estate and infrastructural developments in joint venture with an African government. After several years of expending money and resources, the projects died due to fraud and corruption.

Disappointed and humbled by this experience, Attorney Menes refused to relent in his efforts to bring investments into Africa.  In collaboration with other African professionals in the diaspora and in joint venture with a South African law firm, he established Menes Konsult Limited and Europlaw Limited with the commitment to fast-tracking the development and prosperity of Africa through good business relationships and investments from foreign companies and investors.  As African professionals in the Diaspora, Attorney Menes and his partners focus on leveraging their background, expertise, experience, and resources to help foreigners navigate/avoid fraud, corruption, and other local issues, and, thereby, safely and successfully operate in Africa.

In addition to his Bachelor of Science (Economics) and Juris Doctorate Law degree, Attorney Menes also completed the coursework on the Masters’ Degree program in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution at Creighton University (Omaha, Nebraska), and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of London. He is an expert/trainer on U.S. and international laws dealing with Source of Funds, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act, the Patriot Act, Anti-money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism, and Offshore Banking and Escrow Fund Management.

Menes Konsult and Europlaw have offices/representatives in every African country as well as in some other countries including USA, UK, Cyprus, New Zealand, UAE, The Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, and Australia.  Apart from providing legal and business services to facilitate global business relationships, Menes Konsult also operates a number of organizations aimed at checkmating fraud and corruption in Africa such as Africa Polygraph Network, African Youths Congress, Downtown Africa (online magazine) and Downtown Africa Media and Entertainment Company.