Mark D. Handler

Mark Handler serves as a Special Advisor/Trainer for Africa Polygraph Network.

Mr. Handler is currently Editor in Chief for the American Polygraph Association which publishes the peer-reviewed journal Polygraph and the APA Magazine, web administrator, full member, Member of Research & Development Committee, Standards of Practice Committee, Education Accreditation Committee.  He was formerly the Chairman of the Research and Information Division of the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

He is a Credibility Assessment Expert, Polygraph Examiner, and the Director of Professional Services at Converus Corporation, makers of EyeDetect instrument which is used to determine truthfulness through the eyes. He is a former police officer, a seasoned researcher, and an International Polygraph Instructor who has published several researches, technical, and scientific articles in the field of credibility assessment techniques, Polygraph, and detection of truth through the eyes (EyeDetect).

Mr. Handler started his law enforcement career in 1995, and in 2003, he became a Credibility Assessment Officer for the Gray Police Department in Gray, Georgia. He trained as a Polygraph Examiner at the American International Institute of Polygraph in Morrow, Georgia. He began publishing articles related to credibility assessment in 2005.